Clean My Filthy Stocking Feet
Mistress has just arrived from a long day at the office. Her feet are filthy. Her toes are tired. She's been in heels for most of the day. She instructs her slave to clean her filthy stocking feet and tongue massage her toes. Then she removes her stockings, using her slave's mouth to wash them. She inspects the dirt on her slave's tongue to see that he's done a good job of cleaning her stockings. Then she instructs him to lick her soiled feet. She laughs as the slave recoils. Mistress knows her feet must smell. Still she wants them clean. She shoves both of her lovely size seven feet into her slave's mouth. When Mistress is satisfied that her feet have been cleaned to perfection, she relaxes, using her slave as her footstool.

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Clean My Filthy Stocking Feet
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